Music People Listen To, Teenage Girls

Different people listen to different music genres depending on their age, cultural background, beliefs, mood, interest, or environment they’re found in. Teenagers go through several phases when growing up that influence crowds they hang around, activities and behavior. Music influences how an adolescent molds their character as she grows up. Adolescents might have esteem issues, hormonal changes that may cause them to be moody or happy, and music greatly influenced their character. Teenage girls may have specific music preferences, which might be similar as they go through closely related experiences. They may prefer a music genre because they like musicians who sing songs found within the genre. Teenage girls may want to associate themselves with popular artists, and they’d end up binge-listening to their favorite artist’s song.

Teens may love listening to pop

Teens may love listening to pop music because their favorite artists make pop music like most teenage girls admire Ariana Grande’s music style, which is pop. She has a great voice and over a hundred YouTube videos that a girl can listen to more than once. Her songs center on love, relationships, dating, plus a growing girl’s life, which a teenage girl can listen to for encouragement, enjoyment, relaxation, or to just feel better about themselves. A teenage girl might listen to a love song to give herself hope that she’ll find true love when she matures. Artists may be from the same genre but could sing about different topics. Billie Eilish sings pop, but her music is about depression and how to prevent yourself from drowning in it.

Billie's female fans listen to the

Billie’s female fans listen to the artist’s music to get hope that depression is not permanent. Depression in teenage girls may be caused by low grades, mixed emotions, indecision on what college to apply to, failed relationships with peers, parents, or boyfriends, poor body image that may result in low self-esteem. She makes music for teenage girls to encourage them that situations might not last forever, and they’ll get over their concerns with patience plus time. Other pop artists that teens love to hear are Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello, Bruno Mars. Teens may love international pop genres like K-pop, Jpop, Afro-pop because they have unique beats, sounds, the artists may be handsome and serve as eye candy to adolescents.

Music People Listen To, Teenage Girls

Teenagers might go through a Gothic phase that makes them listen to controversial music like metal, electric music, the hard and soft rock, which expresses their dark feelings, loud thoughts, or unique personality. Musicians from these genres have weird dressing styles, which emo teens imitate to resemble their favorite celebrities. Performers from these genres are Panic At The Disco, Britney Spears, Pentagon, Imagine Dragons. The loud music helps clear chaos running through a Gothic teenager’s mind. Youths could like dance hall music as it brings life to a party, people can dance along to its beats as they socialize with their peers. Sean Paul makes unique dance hall music that DJs, teenagers, plus party goers enjoy.

Rnb songs by singers like Summer Walker, HER, Ella Mai, Jhene Aiko, SZA, Beyonce, Rihanna about love, relationships, betrayal, promises, challenges couples to face attract young girls in their early 20s and teens as they’re in their prime dating years. These songs create fantasy from reality that girls dream about and would wish their relationships to be like. The vocal prowess that is portrayed by singers in the genre entices fans to listen to their songs. Male Rnb singers like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Jason Derulo, Jaques, Bryson Tiller Giveon put emotion in their music that catches their fans’ attention, giving them positive vibes.

Females listen to hip hop to be on the same page with males as there are more male rappers than female rappers. Female rappers like Nikki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, Asian Doll have a lyrical prowess that is unique, and their tracks center on girl power, women empowerment making them more female fans who admire them. Girls may listen to similar genres but differ over the singers they like in these genres. Fans who have mixed taste in music blend their preferences to select great hits from all genres, these fans may select the music they’d love to listen to by surveying popular hits on charts. Teenagers that may not be solid music lovers may listen to random tracks on trending playlists with no specific preference.