The Good to Bad Evolution of Music

Music has become a contemporary involvement in people’s lives every other day. It’s a very opinionated topic since one man’s meat is another man’s poison in the music genre. People are guilty as charged for their obsessive music subjectivity while maneuvering around what’s hot or what’s not in this industry. Many want their suggestions heard out loud and even included in the masterpieces if possible. It’s so amusing, and that’s what makes music such an involving thing. Recently, there’s been an upsurge of disquiet among music fans about the quality or content of music produced with fingers pointed towards media houses.

This has pegged a question on what really happened to good music as fans demanded answers about what could’ve gone wrong. The generations boast of their share of both good and bad music alike. A dive into the early 90s reveals scratchy sounds from bands such as Nirvana and SoundGarden that portrayed a unique sound of Seattle origin. In the late 90s, we were served with those hit bangers we have all been craving for to date. Their sounds seemed similar, but each drew a whole unique level of inspiration and tone. Then came Rock that started sprouting on a new path away from those scratchy sounds thanks to bands such as “Weezer” or even “Smashing Pumpkins,” who brought to the table music that had its unique touch style.

For that reason, music fans find

A dive into a nostalgic walk in the past years reveals what good music really looked and felt like. Talent was the main spice in the game involving musicians back then. Without it, one would have had a rough path to go on top of the radar. There’s never been such good music produced which could keep one singing along with thrills of classical beats that gave one those chills that made them dance their problems away while still retaining a deeper meaning.

For that reason, music fans find it hard to relate and forgive the latest crop of musicians. These musicians have taken away most ingredients that made music such a jam while replacing it with a flashy lifestyle showoff. It’s no longer about talent but how much money an artist is flaunting in their videos, and the media has gone in bed with them. Things people would’ve found laughable back then, shrugging them off their shoulders, are now so real and run the industry. Producers are all about producing seasonal tunes to hype masses for a short time while cashing in on it. Good music is not being given a priority as song production has turned into luck rather than passion and talent, how insulting.

Perhaps the most criticized genre yet

Indigenous music is becoming extinct every other day as musicians are not living to that hard work of their pace setters. Not only do the current crop of artists make music with just terrible sound, but they also don’t take any effort even in writing it. Some pay for its beats or even the songwriter and come up with an album fresh from the oven to sell to their fans in the nick of time. Music being produced in the present era is a combination of tunes and sounds, becoming increasingly hard to categorize. This is amid a backdrop of groups such as Twenty One Pilots clearly stating they don’t have a specific genre to which their music falls.

Perhaps the most criticized genre yet is Rap Music due to its controversial messages by its creators. Its composers have lost complete touch with what music should convey while raking in huge cheques from their fans who can’t seem to get enough of that flashy lifestyle hype. People have attributed an upsurge in teen gangs along with moral decadence to this. Well, it can be argued that it’s a free world, yet honestly speaking, it was never this bad, and what makes it even worse is it’s just bad music that’s poorly produced.

The Good to Bad Evolution of Music

On the optimistic side, it’s not all that bad as renowned artists such as Kendrick Lamar have taken the mantle in their hands and are actually producing good Rap. With seamless, effective beats Kendrick incorporates his thoughts artistically to produce songs relevant to issues affecting the community. Take, for example, his piece “To pimp a Butterfly,” where he fuses black issues and jazz to come up with an educating yet sensational album. Notable examples who’ve followed suit in producing good Rap include Mac Miller, Denzel Curry, and Vince Staples. Unfortunately, for one good artist, numerous bad artists are spoiling the broth. The Rap genre needs total reconstruction, or it will never meet its desired purpose.

Rock music is literally diminishing with little chances of making a comeback. With apparently no notable heir to its throne, Imagine Dragons band come as the closest remaining band of this version, yet they are so far from anything true Rock was. But indigenous bands such as Queens of the Stone Age are still serving true Rock to their fans. What wraps up is that there’s still good music even though the media promotes more of that bad type. Ladies in this game, such as Billie Eilish, are also proving musicians don’t need to reveal their bodies to sell, they are setting a good pace for the industry. An optimistic dive into the industry reveals numerous promising artists who we look forward to changing the game for the better in days to come.